single rear extension/porch/garage roof single rear extension/porch/garage roof The original lean too conservatory area was dismantled and removed and new footings started for the building of a new open plan kitchen/dining area 95488381 95488382 95488383 The footings are completed and after being passed by the building inspector the start of the new build can commence 95488384 95488385 95488386 95488387 The new PVC-u bi-fold patio door and dining room window has been ordered and the roof construction is taking place. 95488388 The original porch area to the front of the property has been removed and the footing for the new porch area started. 95488389 The original roof covering to the garage area is removed and the timbers for the new pitched roof over the rear extension, garage area and new porch area are constructed. 95488390 95488391 95488392 The front porch area is constructed and the roof area is in place incorporating external lighting under the garage roof over the front garage door canopy. 95488393 95488394 The PVC-U bi-fold door and window are now in place, the roof is constructed including installation of two velux windows. 95488396 100661704 100661712 The original front door has been installed into the new porch area and a new PVC-U window included. 95488397 100661706 All of the new roof covering to the garageporch canopy, garage roof area and new extension is completed. 100661707 100661708 The newly formed dining/kitchen area has been boarded and plastered and all electrical work carried out to comply with Building Regulations 100661709 100661710 A kitchen was supplied by Howdens of Sheffield and fitted into the kitchen area by our Company. 100661711