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The purpose of guttering is to channel rainwater efficiently from the roof towards a down pipe which carries it down to ground level and then on to the nearest drainage system.

Guttering must be kept in a good condition at all times to enable the water to flow correctly and not allowing the water to reach the walls of the property where they can become saturated and cause dampness and other problems.

New PVC rain water goods.

PVC gutters are made from un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride, they are easy to fix and maintain as they do not need to be re-painted over the years.  Square and half round guttering can be supplied and fitted, it is important to replace any guttering with a type using a similar sized channel


We use a Sheffield based supplier of all of our PVC rainwater goods, fascia boards, barge boards, soffit boards and cladding.

We are so confident in the quality of materials supplied and workmanship undertaken we provide a 10 years insurance backed guarantee on all completed works.


PVC guttering can be provided in colour options of the traditional white, black, brown and other colours which may be available on request.

PVC fascia boards, soffit boards, barge boards and cladding can also be fitted to compliment the guttering.

Timber guttering

Timber guttering is still found on thousands of traditional houses and although there is maintenance work needed over the years to keep in a good condition many owners would prefer to replace like for like when re-placing the guttering.

We supply and fit a quality tanalised wooden guttering coated external with two layers of oil based paint and internal with 1 layer of bitumen paint.

All workmanship and materials are guaranteed with a 2 years insurance backed guarantee.

Overhaul of UPVC and Timber

You can maintain your guttering by regularly inspecting the guttering and carrying out a periodic overhaul by removing debris such as leaves, dirt and other debris carried by rain which may block the system.

We can provide the above service if required.

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